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One Important thing missing

I’ve had this app for a long time at first to keep files for photoshop and certain clips I’d need, but this soon turned into an app for music for me. I don’t know if it might be difficult with certain rules and restrictions, but a new playlist feature would be very much needed, please and thank you. All in all great app though 9/10 👌🏼

Waste of money

Fake. Downloads don’t work and no customer support

Wasting money

If you want to waste your money just buy this app I bought this to download from youtube it never work and the app support people when you email them they will give you a relief only


Best paid downloader app of all time. Worth paid to grab this privilege. Thanks developers

Best app I ever seen love it

The app sometimes crashes or freezes ads on pro version other then that’s it’s awesome

Stolen money

Can’t download any file but only a html why you keep tricking us when we purchased

It doesn't download the video anymore

It stopped working

Download button?

Could you make a download button that finds possible files you might want to download and give you the prompt?



Not useful! Free version is better

I was using the free version and was so annoyed with the ads. But I liked to use it for downloading videos, so I upgraded and paid for this version!!!!! However it doesn’t download videos!!!!!! This makes me so angry!

Honest Texan

Needs an update the video player controls are complete trash. Can’t fast forward or rewind without skipping to the next video.

a little unsatisfied

I was a little confused by the new updated version of this app just because when I use the browser I thought the download button would pop up but because it did not I’m still confused by how you actually download things from the app, but otherwise everything works well for my storage to hold.

From 5 to 1 [Update]

I emailed them multiple times and they never replied it’s clear they don’t care about the app anymore . THE NEW UPDATE . I cannot download nor watch anything anymore. It won’t even load, horrible. Bring back the old version please and thank you.

Amazing app

I used the free version first then bought the add free one, i use it to download my xbox one clips but started having issues with the video and sound not being synced. If fixed will be absolutely 5 stars.

The app is great but...

There are a few problems and glitches and bugs in the app which is why I wouldn’t rate it 5 stars I used to use the free version (with ads ofcourse which is annoying) but the problem is when you download a video or audio files they glitch and stop when you close the phone the screen while you wanna listen to them in peace and sometimes they keep glitching (Rarley) but the main problem is that when you open an audio file and close the phone screen (I’m using an iPhone 7 Plus I don’t know if that happens to other users) the 3 Seconds the audio is loud and clear while I’m using the AirPods and then it stops for a good 10 Seconds while the audio is still playing and then resume which is annoying I can’t hear the 10 Seconds that passed AND sometimes it keeps glitching which is really annoying ! And for some reason you can’t use normal EarPods on it it will glitch and glitch and glitch so that’s why I have to use AirPods and I’m not sure if the glitch happens when you don’t use any headphones (I never really tired I’m used to wearing something in my ear 24/7) but I do respect the developer(s) of this app Because is a great app and I hope they fix this bug it’s really annoying. That’s all \(^ω^)/ thank you for the great app

Downloading problems

I can’t download any videos in YouTube whats going on at first it wasn’t a problem


this app is really perfect !! i hope that developers update it more & better


downloading on youtube does not work, though it works in the free version.


I bought this app so i would not have any ads. I usually use it to download some music. I downloaded this app and now i am not able to download music from YouTube at all. Please fix this problem for me. THANK YOU

Fix the bug

I had the free version and it was awesome. So I decided to buy the plus. As i thought it was going to be better, i tried downloading music and it didn’t let me. I wish you guys could fix this for me

It used to be good

The app no longer works since upgrading to pro

Free version is better

No point in buying this... on this version you can’t download anything? On the free version as soon as you click on the video a box would pop up asking if you wanted to download that song. On this version when you click on the video nothing happens

Can not downloads help

Hi i can not download anything on this app please have a help feature or show me how



I love this app and use it everyday

I downloaded the free version of this app and immediately fell in love. So I decided to upgrade to browser plus, my only issue with this app is that my old downloads did not transfer over to the new app which means that I have to switch back and forth and this can get pretty tedious.

Garbage app



VPN this app was great before but now is lost. And is very good if support MKV file.

Not work with iphone x

The free version work well but this not working bad thing


You must add download from YouTube and Arabic language

It doesn’t work

I can’t download anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not stable at all

When I knew this app couple of months before , I recommend all my friends and relatives . Everybody loved it when they first installed But after the upgrade it stopped working . Felt very bad for recommending others . Deleting app for now , will come back only if they fix the YouTube videos download .


I download this stupid app (PAID FOR IT TOO) but when I go to YouTube to download music, it don’t ask me to download!!!!! Anyone know what I can do?????!!!!!!!

البرنامج مايحمل وش الطريقة


Garbage after the update

This app is garbage after the update. No videos will download from any sites.

Not working

Hey when i play videos on youtube download button does not appear please solve this problem. I didn't pay 99$ for this

Can’t delete inbox folder

I loved the free app and bought this one to get rid of ads. Love the import integration from the free version to this version but O can’t seem to delete the inbox folder after moving my files to a brand new folder as “I don’t have permission to access it”. Would give it 5 stars if it wasn’t for this small issue but my OCD is killing me so I’ll have to knock it down to 3. Still a great app tho

No working no more

Dont buy it, it not working no more spend your dollar on a juice not on this garbage


I have a concern seeing I spent $1 on this app it seems that I cannot find a way to download things


App was great doesn’t let me download music anymore


I’ve tried to download music and what not and it refuses to pop up the box that will let me download load any song


i wanna throw my phone at a wall. i bought this app cause i’ve been using the free version for awhile and it won’t even let me download videos!

Good app

Perfect app for downloading. Thanks

Please fix

I don’t get the pop up download like I used to


Great app, but always has something new wrong with it once they fix one thing, my mom just bought this app for her files and she is using a iPhone 8 Plus and I’m using an iPhone 6, but when she goes to try and download something, she isn’t getting the option popping up *download*, so she has to use the other app with the ads! Please fix this...

Not sure

I had the free one and soon as I clicked a video it gave me the The option to download that video well since yesterday every video I download does not work so I downloaded the BrowserPlus hoping to be able to download videos again and when I click on a video it doesn’t give me an option to do anything is how do you download videos on this app or can you find Mabel to download videos like I could the free version rated five stars but if I am not able to download videos I would like my refund back thank you for your consideration...

doesn’t download Youtube

Fix asap, cant download youtube vids

I cant download songs

Hi! I was tring to download songs from youtube. Can somebody teach me how?


Why lie this program did not download Videos


It doesn’t even give me the choice to download anything smh waste of money


I downloaded this app for music and I had the free version for a few months now and I would always deal with the advertising. But then when I went to YouTube to download songs, it stopped prompting me to download videos. So I bought the plus version thinking that was the issue. Now I have lost so much music and can’t get it back :/

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