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Really great app


very good

Much better

Now it is worth to buy the ad free!!

Great app


transfer via wifi

hi please put ability to transfer files to computer via wifi


I open Error some time.

Nice app, worth the purchase

You can do your thing with this right here.


its verey good 👍🏽

Add an ad-blocker


Great app

Wish it would stop asking me to review it

Great app

Love this app



جيد كبرنامج

استخدمة كثيرة

Screw ads


Its alright

Wish there was no ads at all.

not good, do not like

Not good

Asking for reviews every time! Premium too!

Upgraded- still asking for reviews every time I use the app. Come on! Unacceptable. Especially after one’s paid for it. When you fix this, I will update with an honest review. Thank you

Very easy-to-use and well-designed

This is one of the best file-managing apps I’ve used, and I really like the design and convenience aspects of it. However, I would really like it if you guys could add the ability to swipe through photos in a folder (like in the Photos app) without having to close and open each of them one-by-one. Along with that, the Touch/Face ID button is unresponsive at times — you guys might want to look into that. If these issues are resolved, this app will definitely deserve 5 stars.

Consistent crashing

Used to work well. Paid for the app to remove ads. App stops playing music in background, freezes when you try to open it to hit play again. Awful.


Has some bugs and it randomly freezes up sometimes when searching for those good spicy ingredients for spicy memes. Also as the title suggests it’s really annoying to deal with.

Weak sauce

Why is this a completely separate app? I have files in the other one that I shouldn’t have to attempt to transfer manually. Thanks. Can I have my $2 back?




This app is awesome

Acceptable Performance

This app works well and helps me a lot, but still, there are some minor problems. Sometimes when I play a song into the app and go to another app, the song stops. To prevent this, I copy songs to other apps like VLC player and then listen to them. I think if the songs or videos continue to play in the background, this problem will be solved.





Mejor aplicación

La mejor aplicación para bajar música para iOS

Great app

It’s great.

Great app!

I really like the app, I'm using it almost every day! I gave it 4 stars because if I switch to a different app, coming back, the app freezes and after a few seconds force closes. I have to reload any web page I had open... When this issue will be fixed, it'll definitely deserve 5 stars!

Browser Plus is a very Interesting App

I've been using this app since it first was released. Files can be moved from the web to your controlling device and between devices if both are running the app on the same network. It does this quickly and efficiently. It will also move filled directories in the same manner. In this regard for IOS, it's quite powerful. It's biggest drawback is not having a working and understandable instruction set on how to use the features. Some functions are not consistent nor intuitive. I got all the features to work by educated guesses and trial and error. I would recommend the app as it fills an IOS gap of simple file movement.


Excellent app. Keep up with good work!


Good form download

good convenient app

well......that’s pretty much it


iPhone x

Almost perfect

I just want to be able to transfer my downloaded files from the free ver to the paid one.


Really smooth when it wants too and everything else is all. Won't completely get rid of non fully downloaded files


Excelente 👍 Ya trabaja bien...✅

Good application

Its really good application but stop sending me notifications every time I open the app to give you rate it’s annoying, The only reason makes me buy it because i don’t want to see any notification showing.


So good


I paid for this app just to be annoyed by them spamming asking for reviews

Works as advertised.

No issues with performance. Annoying rate the app pop up. Minus 1 star.

Deserves 5

App crashes (most of the time) while I’m listening to music, other than that it’s a great app.


I like it 👍🏻🌹❤️



Ask every time to rating take 1 star for this forcing rating sweet heart



Apps is great but the review keeps popping up



It’s all good.

It’s one the best apps to download everything. I would recommend it.


really .. to be honest .. i like it too much


Pretty good so far!

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