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I love the app but

Why won’t it let you download anything anymore... every time I try it’s not supported or url can’t be found pops up... can you guys please fix this.

No more downloads from YouTube???? Way

In the past i just go and hit what I want to download and a bob up show do you wana download it know i can’t download anything!!!!!

Download Bug

Why is the download service, which is the main reason why I used this app as my number one choice browsing on my iPhone 6S Plus seems to have been sorta eliminated on my iPhone XS Max! Any solution?

Useless app now

Now i cant download videos from website i used to. I paid

For some reason...

I used to use Browser and I didn’t want ads so I bought BrowserPlus, but BrowserPlus isn’t letting me download videos? I tried going back to Browser but now that won’t let me download videos either.

Not working

Video on YouTube shows you downloading videos.. yet after i buy the app, i cant download the video

Cannot download video anymore ...?

Just change new 12’9 pro iPad.. and download new app... cannot download anymore.... don’t know why .... hope developer know why....!


Why my browser plus not working

It doesn’t let me download anything anymore

This app doesn’t seem to want to downfalls anything anymore? The free version of this app works but why won’t this one? Fix this please.


Hi . I have been your contact before and have not responded! I have purchased the application and can not download from youtube. I hope you respond and solve the problem.

No support and no download!!

The download function is not working on the Pro app, but it does on the the free app. Emailed the dev with no response.

One real problem

Whenever I download a song, then play it, it sometimes sounds a bit glitchy, and it skips for a few seconds. Also most recently, sometimes the app just quits playing the song and then I have to reload the app, then select the song I want to listen to. This is really annoying and I hope this gets fixed soon. Aside from that, it works pretty well.


So I bought the app just so I can't download mp3 or YouTube videos??? Please fix this problem because the free version allows YouTube and mp3 DL.

Can’t download YouTube videos ANYMORE

Used to be able to add music to my videos through YouTube and then download the YouTube video to my camera roll using this app, well for some reason you can’t download YouTube videos anymore

Doesn’t work

Bought it a couple of days ago. It does not work I’m not able to download any music with it. A friend had this same app and recommended it they can download without any issues. I already messaged support with no response.


Works great for what I use it for.

stops my music

everytime i go to another app it closes my music off 1 star until it’s fixed not worth the .99 cents should be free!


I used to go on browser and use YouTube to download music and put it in the files but now the option does not pop up to download the videos help!!

Great app — but VPN?

This app is fantastic. Great downloader, plays when the app isn’t on-screen, and all in all it’s great. High quality downloads as well. But the VPN? How do I get the VPN to work?

Doesn’t download anymore

I used this app on my iPhone 6s and it worked perfectly fine, But when I switched to iPhone x it stopped showing the download option and I don’t know why.


Only app I use to download music. I literally don’t have Apple music or Spotify.


Doesn’t even let you download music from YouTube anymore

Best app ever

A great downloading app, has save me on trips, long car rides, transit, and especially internet outages. You can download videos faster than any downloader I’ve ever seen. It’s just amazing 😉

I can not download youtube track in iphone x ..

Is there any mistake in this program ?????????????


Great app but the VPN function stopped working which is very irritating cause now I can't use YouTube Red. Please fix that and I'll rate the app 5 stars. Update: They resolved the issue. Well done!

Fix the Download problem

The app’s fine but when I click a video I want to download the download option doesn’t show. Please fix it, feel like I just wasted my money, the free version was annoying with ads and now with the paid version I can’t even download anything. Hope this gets fixed soon...

I can't enter this app anymore.

I don't know how to solve this situation. I need someone's help to solve this problem.

It’s a scam

Please don’t download this it’s a scam to get in to your phone.

Can not download video from YouTube

I can not download videos from Youtube. It doesn’t show up the thing asked that download or cancel like others website.

I have a problem in downloading

I recently lost all the stuff on my iphone and I now got this back but I am unable to download anything!!! :( please help fix this

Oh my God!!!

Since when are you not able to download YouTube videos anymore I went on the app today and tried to download a video which is one of the main reasons I purchase this app was to download YouTube videos and spent the money now you’re telling me that you can download the basic features a lot of browsers on the free version is this what I’m saying I mean come on I can’t remember how much I paid for this app but you go on Titan browser or I Bolt or aloha browser do you just play the video and it downloads I’ve tried it on other websites with this app and it works which is weird to me I don’t know if there’s a copyright issue or infringement or what’s going on but if it’s just a bug awesome if not that’s a big shame because I spent money on this and I feel stupid now it’s a basic features that free apps are able to do and now this app can’t.

Doesn't download

It doesn't work.

Need to fix ASAP

So with the free App as soon as I would go on YouTube it would tell me if I wanted to download the video now with this paid app doesn’t give me that option and can find a way to save the video or song need help


This use to be my favorite app but then It wouldn’t download nothing no more thought it could’ve been a update but nah its a scam . Good one Ig 🤦‍♂️

Can’t download

The download doesn’t pop up like it used to now nothing pops up so I can’t download anything, same goes for the free version I like this app so much that I bought the pro version so that I can save my self from the ads but it seem that this app hasn’t been working lately I would say, there isn’t any option that pop up after tapping on a YouTube video, now it just want you to watch it and can’t download anything :( please fix it

Im getting adds

I used the free version first then bought the add free one but now getting adds!?

Very nice app! But....

Video Always times out if it’s like over 40mb like it will timeout at 39.0 or if there’s a video that’s 50mb I’ll keep stoping like 2mb away......

Can’t download

It was working rest my iPhone X I can’t download now.

One Important thing missing

I’ve had this app for a long time at first to keep files for photoshop and certain clips I’d need, but this soon turned into an app for music for me. I don’t know if it might be difficult with certain rules and restrictions, but a new playlist feature would be very much needed, please and thank you. All in all great app though 9/10 👌🏼

Waste of money

Fake. Downloads don’t work and no customer support

Wasting money

If you want to waste your money just buy this app I bought this to download from youtube it never work and the app support people when you email them they will give you a relief only


Best paid downloader app of all time. Worth paid to grab this privilege. Thanks developers

Best app I ever seen love it

The app sometimes crashes or freezes ads on pro version other then that’s it’s awesome

Stolen money

Can’t download any file but only a html why you keep tricking us when we purchased

It doesn't download the video anymore

It stopped working

Download button?

Could you make a download button that finds possible files you might want to download and give you the prompt?



Not useful! Free version is better

I was using the free version and was so annoyed with the ads. But I liked to use it for downloading videos, so I upgraded and paid for this version!!!!! However it doesn’t download videos!!!!!! This makes me so angry!

Honest Texan

Needs an update the video player controls are complete trash. Can’t fast forward or rewind without skipping to the next video.

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