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I am not happy

I paid for this app and advertising is still ON , it's no good

Very dependable and easy to use. No clutter.

It's a good app

It's not ad-free paid version

The ads keep pop up even after I paid Why like that? Need to fix it!

I paid ,but still pop up ad, why?

I paid because i dont want popup ad, but still some many ads,,,,i am not recommend this app....



Not working in background

The same as the free version! No background running

Big problem

I'm very angry for this app because I bought 'manger plus' app for remove ads but it doesn't work and sometimes I can't download form twitter

Ads even in the pro version

Very intrusive ads even in the pro version. If you are planning to buy this version instead of the free one just to avoid those ads, please don't do it!!! This "pro" version has a lot of ads too


App very good, but speed network download very Low :((

It is not Ads Free

I bought the paid version to get rid of the ads , Please remove the ads!

Pop up ad

Bought this version and it still has pop up ad as in the free version

This application is still bad even after i bought it. I do not advise anyone to buy it. So bad👎

Very bad, they only took the money .

Not add free and it has some irremovable files

Not add free and it has some irremovable files

Not ad free, don't buy

I paid for the app and expected it to be ad free, this is not good

Advertisement in HD quality...

So basically you pay to get the advertisement pop up in HD move. Thank you

Don't pay for it!

It's the same as the free one! It still has the Ads! So there's no difference between the free and this one!

Remarkably terrible

If you want to buy the app to get rid of the ads, forget about it. The ads pop up anyway, even when you buy this.

Paid version

Why does the paid version have pop up ads ? Why the hell i paid for it ?

Why its not ad free !!

I bought this version because i need it as a ad free But i shocked when i saw ads in this version So I bought the one which you already have it as a free ? Its not fair, i hope you can fix this issue

Not worth it

I paid for this and it said I have unlimited space to download files and it says I can't download a file because I have no space!

Good App But still have pop ups on paid version

Pop up ads pls be gone


Doesn't let you downloaded ad YouTube videos



Please remove the advertising

This is paid version Please remove the pop ups and I guaranty that this program will be best selling program in my Country. I will rate 5 star asap when you will remove ADs.

Paid Version Should Be Adds Free

Please Remove Adds . It's A Paid Version :(

Ruse app

I paid for the full version (ads free) but still ads appears, and I can't make folders 👎

Ads annoyed

Remove ads this version pls.

Why the ads if I've paid!?

Get rid of ads and I'll change score.

Ads still?

This is not acceptable. the free version says to upgrade to pro for Ad free. but still ads pops ups. this is called fraud. Apple should stop this kind of frauds. sorry to say this.


It works! Awesome

Do not buy

Ads keeps showing


Only reason I bought was so that i wont get ads ?!

يوجد اعلانات , the ads

the ads ، يوجد اعلانات حتى النسخة الي بفلوس

Need password protection

Great app u can download from YouTube, keek and other websites but need improvement like PASSWORD protection & file import from camera roll and videos. Thanks

works well but have to remove ads

works very well but need to remove ads, unacceptable for a paid version!

Ads? Again?

Thanks for the app, it's working as it has to but I'm still receiving and ads. What I am paid for?


pop up ads scam!


Always unable to play

Do not spend ur money

I downloaded a pdf file and it work fine; but you get annoying pop up adds; although it is paid version


hi, i buy in app, but have advertisement????????????????????


Full of ads ، I would not advise using it

Paid version should be adds free

Please remove adds It's a paid version Then I would give it 4.5 stars ;)

Genial app pero con propaganda

Es una aplicación recomedable pero su error es que no quitaron la propaganda, un error que espero resuelvan pronto.

Still pop out ads!

Why am I still seeing ads popping out after I bought the plus version? Pls remove the ads!


Ad everywhere

Cant download

No sound on video, can't download any more

The app works well but Ads always pop-up

I paid for the no-add ver. But it still keep pop-up. Disappointed! -.-'

Ads on the premium version?

what kind of garbage of that. will change review if this is fixed.

Good at all

Like it

Still has ads

The app is a paid version. And it still has ads!!!

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